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Bug ass

Some guys love a sexy booty, and others prefer a pair of massive boobies. But for you, there is something about a nice Big Ass that makes your poor cock throb! I would bet you are always getting caught staring at sexy chicks walking down the street. Especially the ones in tiny daisy dukes, or skin-tight leggings. The way their clothes heighten their behind, teasing you with its perfect shape!

If you and your throbbing hard-on had your way, you would sit and jerk off to a beautiful butt all day, every day! You are in absolute heaven when a Big Ass bends over in front of you, positioned in the perfect spot to be at your mercy. Is your mouth watering right now? The mere thought of the two-round bulbs inches from your lips is driving you crazy! You are already daydreaming about running your tongue down the perfect crack. Drool dripping down the pretty pink flesh. What a gorgeous sight! Who could ask for a better, more tantalizing dessert? Talk about an all you can eat buffet!

You know what looks even better than a perfect, smooth, Big Ass?

One covered with big pink and purple handprints! You do not need to be shy, that thick behind can handle the abuse. Go ahead, give it a good spanking! If you do not feel like using your hands, I even have a plethora of sex toys for you to choose from! Pick your poison. The paddle? The crop? The rod? You can use and abuse this booty as much as your heart desires! Make it a canvas of beautiful, kinky bruises!

And then, once you have drooled all over that booty and littered it with purple welts, you can get to fucking! Let me reach back, and spread this Big Ass wide open, giving you a clear view of that pink puckered hole. Run the head of that man meat up and down my tiny opening before stretching me open with your entire length. Give me a hard anal pounding while you tell me how good of a fuck toy I am!

Don’t make me wait a moment longer. I am ready to play! Call now for some nasty phone sex, and tell me all the naughty things you want to do to my perfect Big Ass! Nothing off-limits or too naughty for this fuck toy!