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I bet you have a very hot abduction fantasy, and my pussy is already wet. Every since I was a little slut I have wanted to get abducted and used for what I am good for. My slutty holes can take so much cock you have no idea. Thinking about getting blindfolded and having my hands tied behind my back, is so hot. I want you to take advantage of my sweet little cunt, and I know you want to also.

So, I always take a long way home down a long dirt road. I like that way because not a lot of cars drive down it. It sounds like a good time to take advantage of a wandering slut. You won’t have to worry if I see a car I wouldn’t even notice. I am a bit of an airhead, hehe. I’ve always had an abduction fantasy. When you see me walking I’m wearing such a whore outfit and you can’t resist what might be underneath my short skirt.

I’m giddy over this abduction fantasy.

You stop and ask if I need a ride and I say yes, what a dumb little slut. You take me into your car and give me a drink. I, of course, drink it and I start feeling a little weird. I pass out and I wake up and I just see black. Blindfold me and I can feel your hands over mouth. You must have abducted me, yes it looks like right. This abduction fantasy is going perfect.
Oh my gosh, I can feel my pussy dripping wet. You spread my legs and I can feel your hand slide between my legs. I can hear you moan in my ear as you slide your fingers in my wet cunt. I start whining and you slap me right across my whole face.
I can’t help but arch my back and my legs start to quiver as you start fingering my tight cunt. I try to yell but you have your hands shutting me up. I want you to fuck me so bad is what I’m thinking to myself. Do I really want an abduction fantasy?
I wonder when you’re going to let my mouth go so I can suck that fat fucking cock. Are you going to fuck your abducted slut? Please, I keep saying over and over again in my brain. You flip me over and start shoving your cock in my tight slit. Putting your hands around my throat as you pound my stupid whore cunt.