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As soon as we get there, I go up to the little slut and ask her if she wants to come back to our house and have a playdate. She says her mom just drops her off and comes back and gets her, so this is absolutely perfect. We get back to the house and I take her and daddy up to my room. I start taking off her clothes and she seems a little uncomfortable. I have you come over and start kissing her neck and she starts to lay back.

Being a little whore accomplice and helping daddy play with sluts, is what I love?

I slide down her panties and she has the tiniest little pussy I have ever seen. It’s pink and so fucking wet I slide daddy’s pants down, aren’t I such a good accomplice daddy? I spread her legs and let you slide your cock between her legs and drive it right into her cunt. Her little twat stretching consuming that fucking cock. I bend down and start licking your asshole daddy, do you like that?

I really hope daddy likes his little fucking accomplice, and I want you to fill up that little girl full of your daddy load. She can be our little breeder whore, what do you think? We can keep her here and she can pop out some little ones for us to play with whenever we want. Isn’t that so fucking hot daddy?  I want to bend over the little whore and spread her little ass cheeks, look at that little butthole. Isn’t that fucking hot, I want you to shove your cock deep in this little fucking whore.

I just want you to feel good daddy. I want to make all your dreams come true. Wanting to eat your cum load out of her tight little holes.