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Accomplice Roleplay

accomplice roleplay with Momma Jackie


Accomplice roleplay was what my caller wanted last night. Picking up the perfect young girls we decided to play. The playground was practically empty when we arrived. In the sandbox we found two girls playing. Building sand castles they looked the perfect age for me to kidnap.

Luring them to my van with the promise of cute puppies I threw them into the back. Getting in myself I tied them to the chairs. Then I needed to find the perfect stranger to help with my fantasy. Getting one proved to be quite easy. You were sitting at the bus stop and looking rather yummy to me. I pulled over and offered you a ride. Getting in you didn’t notice the girls in the back right away. As I pulled away from the curb you glanced back and asked me what was going on. I told you I had a fantasy and you were going to help me with it.

Accomplice roleplay with the little girls down the block made you so horny!

Going to my cabin the girls were crying in the back. You shoved rags in their mouths to keep them quiet. Then we snuck them into my cabin. Strapping them to the bed we stripped them of all their clothes and made them spread eagle on the bed.

I could tell that you were totally turned on by the bulge in your pants. I started to undress you and had you mount the youngest one and stick your cock in her mouth. She gagged and spit it out so I slapped her across the face. Telling her to be a good girl you placed your dick back into her mouth. This time she was good and started to suck on it. Getting you real hard.

Her sister lying next to her started to cry and I had you move over and stick your firm rod into that soft pink pussy. It was soo tight for you that you couldn’t contain yourself any longer. Pulling out you sprayed the little girls face with your cum.

The last thing we had to do was get rid of the evidence. Taking the girls to a deserted place in the woods, where no one would find them we tied them to trees and left them there. A few weeks later we visited the woods to see if they had died. Their skeletons remained and we buried them a few feet away. Accomplice play was something we were definitely going to do again.