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For the last few months, you have been having a naughty, super kinky affair with a cute little teen slut like me! You got so sick of having to fuck your wife’s used up pussy, you knew you deserved something nice and tight. That is when you saw the hot little piece of ass at your gym, wearing those skin-tight yoga pants and a sports bra. She was stretching and your cock throbbed as her flat tummy showed itself off to your wandering eyes.

Your boner was so prominent, you decided to go to the sauna for a bit in an attempt to release the blood flow. You sat with only a towel around your waist in the empty, steamy room, thinking about the sexy young girl. Her tight bubble ass would look so good sitting right on your face, wiggling around on your tongue. Reaching a hand under your towel, you start to stroke yourself while imagine having an affair.

The door opens and you jump, adjusting yourself and clearing your throat. The little minx walks in, a dainty towel wrapped tight around her tiny body. She gives you a sweet smile as she closes the door and sits on the bench across from you. Closing her eyes, she lays her head back and seems to doze off. Taking advantage of the opportunity, you begin to stroke yourself again. You feel like a peeping Tom as you watch her chest rise and fall with each breath.

I love having an affair of the nastiest kind.

You loosen your towel a little, massaging your balls as a drop of cum spills from the tip of your cock. She must be falling deeper into sleep because her knees fall apart a little bit, giving you a peak at her inner thigh. You struggle to keep from moaning as you pump faster. Her legs open wider and you find yourself gifted with a look at the prettiest little pussy you have ever seen! You feel like a cheating husband, staring at this stranger’s sexy cunt, but you can’t help yourself. Does it count as having an affair if you only look?

That’s when her hand began to slide up the inside of her thigh. She had been awake the whole time! Her eyes opened and she smiled before standing up and allowing her towel to drop to the floor. The kinky coed had been watching you all day and wanted you as much as you wanted her.

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