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Summer is here and that means all the married men are wanting a steamy affair. I like dressing up cute and teasing these guys from my window. Sitting there, painting my nails blood red. When you blow to dry the polish, the way my lips form. I know they are thinking and wishing my mouth getting wrapped around their cock. One of my favorite outfits to wear is my tank with some cute panties. I am glad that daddy doesn’t live too far from me. He has this big awesome pool. A great way to let some steam off.

Do you find yourself fantasizing about an affair outside of your marriage?

We still have to social distance so. I like to do some virtual meetings with friends and family. While I sit at daddies house and lounge by the pool. Let’s say I stole some yummy liquor from his cabinet. He knows I am the best slut ever and want to give a married guy the affair he desires. Dipping my toes in the pool that is nice and warm. Before the nightfall, I am going to dip in the hot tub.

Come cheat with me.

Putting the straw to my lips and sucking. Starting to feel horny. I rub my cunt over my bottoms while sipping my ice-cold drink. My nipples are getting hard. At this moment, I am thinking about my married professor friend. He isn’t getting satisfied so he wants to have another affair with me. I don’t care if daddy comes home and sees me rubbing my pussy. Pulling my bottoms to the side and my top off. My drink goes on the side. Dipping into the pool and holding onto the ledge. I start fucking my cunt thinking about being his whore.

My professor friend wants my pussy bad.

Going in deep and hard my fingers feel like they are going to go to my tummy. Moaning his name out loud. I can hear the door open and I don’t know who is there. My pussy start to throb and orgasm is coming on. I need that affair soon. Feeling the climax like a blast of fireworks going off. Leaning back and smiling thinking how the next time I get to fuck on their bed.