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My affair with the naughty professor is back on. He is my favorite lover. Sometimes I go into his wife’s work and in my mind taunt her. Giggling because I am fucking her husband. She works a lot and is clueless. He can’t get enough of my teen body. Too bad his wife doesn’t want to use his cock as much as he wants. My dirty professor has fantasies about students. So, it’s my job to make that real for him so he doesn’t cross the line. Mister likes to have me be a teacher assistant.

I long for his touch and love to be his pseudo girlfriend in this affair.

There is this one night that comes to mind. He lives near the beautiful ocean. Dipping your toes in the sand. Hearing the waves crashing together and watching the sunset. I get up while wearing my leggings and a cropped hoodie. There are benefits to having small perky tits. My dirty friend loves my pink nipples and hard they get on his tongue. One of the things I like to do is fuck him in the bed he shares with his wife. This affair is of the heart.
Sitting on the bed, he drives me wild with lust. Rubbing my leggings into my wet slit. He comes over to me. Pulls my head up and kisses my lips. The kisses are soft but hard. He puts his hands up my hoodie and grabs my breasts. I moan into his mouth. Feeling his tongue opening my mouth wider. His hands are on my slit with my legs opening up. This has me hump the air. I want his cock inside me raw. Pulling my leggings down, he stops me and whispers “be patient my love.” He has me wanting to crawl out of my skin.

He knows how to make me feel like a woman.

Like a good slut and I am his slut. I beg him to please fuck me. This got the attention I crave. My leggings come off the rest of the way. He goes down and kisses my sloppy wet cunt. Slipping 2 fingers inside and I come on his fingers. He pulls me up on the pillow and takes his cock out. It slides in like butter. He thrusts in and out and doesn’t take long for us to climax together. Only because we have been teasing each other. Our affair will last forever.