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Age play for dirty stocking stuffer daddies like mine!! Daddy called me and my friend into the living room so he could tell us our surprise! Daddy said we had to work for it. So it got me super excited when he showed me my booty shorts, top, and hat that said Santa! My friend I always do 2 girl calls with was there too and we were the orgy twins.

Daddy planned a special card game for his friends for Christmas! It is Christmas eve and when his guests get here they get to tell us anything to do. What daddies friends want the most is to stuff little girl holes like mine!! That is super bestest, because I likes when daddy stuffs my little cootchie full of man sausage. Today daddy is letting his friends use my age play body instead. When I bent over the card table my daddies friend grabbed my ass and started air humping me. :: giggles :: Since daddy has never did that before at first I was worried. When daddy seemed ok I as ok too.

Age play for naughty daddy is the bestest.

My friend she got pinned against the wall, and a man said he wanted his pussy present now. ::giggles:: He made it sound nasty and holiday stuffish at the same time! Then daddy grabbed my hair and started using it like a cock cloth to polish is friends cock.

Only good girls get stuffed with meat and not coal. Take that dick and be daddies naughty Ho! ::blushes::: But since daddy told me to I started licking all over the Mans cock. And after I licked him clean he started holding me by my waist and make me eat out my friend. So it was Mr. Santa Claus cousin, and he was daddies VIP from the North Pole. And his cock was even shaped like a cookie! But the worst part was he stuck a teddy bear under my belly before he started fucking me!! Thank goodness I love daddy and Santa bunches! ::giggles::