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ageplay accomplice

I am born to be your ageplay accomplice. With my deviant nature and excitable wit. You and I can come up with the perfect fantasy. I have the goods, the very thing you desire. I can take you to an underground taboo club. Maybe, perhaps we stumble on a mom who needs a little help. We all know nothing in this life is free. Every action has a reaction no matter if it’s good or bad. I won’t judge you and I am the perfect partner in our perverted twister. I can promise you I am more perverted than you.

Let me slide on your lap and you divulge your secret to me.

One of my favorite taboo fantasies. I let you gain access to an underground belly of a club. the kittens male or female are greeting you. They have on their cufflinks and tight bottoms. This is part where you need me as your ageplay accomplice. You can’t get into a club like this on your own. I tell the doorman you are trustworthy and not a cop. He lets us proceed.


Inside is your desire to come true. The smell in the air as we walk by is dirty sex and wood. We get an enormous gust of it. Your cock is standing to attention already and we haven’t scratched the surface. This a great spot for a breeding ground. We need the daddy seed spilled. Making a future generation of sluts galore. You get brought a couple of choices. It’s hard to make such a decision. I help you and as we are selecting. I make sure to keep you at attention with my hand on your thigh.

I enjoy being your ageplay accomplice.

The two that you pick out are wearing little dresses and their hair is up in pigtails. I won’t go into much detail. Let’s say you feel your pants coming down. Your fingers are dipping into a warm succulent bath of juice. The little nipples with their pink-peach color. So, if you are ready for an ageplay accomplice that is a sure thing. Then you know what to do. Over our session we will get into some of the nastiest details your mind can only ponder.