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ageplay accomplice

Ageplay accomplice isn’t Daddy’s normal kink. But he couldn’t help but take a walk on the wild side when his little Shea brought home a present.

I’m so glad you’re home from work! I brought you a present, Daddy! Come with me to my room so I can show you. This is my BFF, Sarah. Of course, she’s naked, silly. She wants to learn how to play our games with us. We’ve already practice kissing. Would you like to see? She’s getting so good at it, too! I wanted to be a good ageplay accomplice and train her right for you. I’ve even shown her how good it feels to pet her Kitty. Watch. Her Kitty gets so wet when I rub it that you can hear it!

Ageplay accomplice wants to take the fuck doll to the next level.

Look how wet she makes my hand when I rub her. She tastes delicious, too! Here, Daddy, why don’t you lick her off of my fingers? I told you she’s lickolicious! Will you show her how awesome your daddy-tongue is? OMGoodness, you are making her squirm and moan! I think it’s time to show her your cock rocket. I had her practicing her cock sucking skills on that dildo you got me. But it’s not the same. I want to be a good ageplay accomplice and show her how to do it on a big man cock.

Watch me, Sarah. I’ll go first. I want you to do everything that I do. Okay, now you try. You have to look up at Daddy when you’re licking his taint and balls. You’re doing so good! Now, lay back on the bed and spread your legs real wide.

Daddy, I want you to masturbate her little kitty using the head of your dick. Get her tasty slickness all over your man cock! It’s time to stretch out her itty bitty little fuck hole. I know it’s tight, Daddy. But I want you to push hard! Get as deep as you can. All the way up to her underdeveloped baby maker. See? I told you that having an ageplay accomplice would be fun! Now, fill her tummy up with your cums. Pretty please, Daddy? For me?