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ageplay accomplice

Ageplay accomplice took a turn for the better last night. I have the perfect man for my sick and twisted needs. He knows how to drop the numbers and make a bitch like me squirm.

Welcome to the park. The place where all the dirty old me loiter and try to get a glimpse of sexy little panties. When those unknowing moms dress those girls in short summer dresses, men gawk. They hope to get a little peek and that beehive under their clothing. That’s where I am the perfect ageplay accomplice. Airplane rides for all. Hold them up, and swing them around and around.

When that little pink dress rises, you can thank your ageplay accomplice.

Do you know what else I do? I offer to keep an eye on the littles while mama goes to the bathroom, grabs lunch, or reads a book. I am the playground attendant and everyone trusts me. How could they not? I have the face of an angel and the mind of a dirty slut. I’m not the slut though. They are. Each and every one of those littles is a promised slut for your taking. Welcome to the mind of an ageplay accomplice.

Last night though, we had the last movie in the park before winter closes us down. Some Disney movies played in the background and I was the restroom attendant. I stay in there and help with wiping, panties, and washing hands. That handicapped stall is out of service, and there is a tiny hole in the metal. If you ask me nice I will allow you to play in there while I work. You know, jack off to your favorite ageplay accomplice. Sick and twisted things happen in the park at night. If you pay me enough, I’ll tell you about what happened last night to this dirty old man.