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ageplay accomplice

Nothing is hotter than being an ageplay accomplice. I mean nothing, absolutely nothing. It makes me wet just thinking about it. But what gets me soaked is the power I have over you. The power I have over your cock. Because I have what your cock craves and I like making you beg for it, work for it even.

As an example, remember the other day.

You heard the shower running and made some lame-ass excuse to get into the bathroom. Only thing is that when you walked in it was only me. Me getting off to my new high-powered showerhead. You stood and stared but your dick did nothing. Like absolutely nothing. Your pants were completely flat. I laughed because I knew why. You stood there. My sweet young snatch just isn’t young enough, is it? As I continued to power wash my clit, I yelled out for my sweet brats to come in and join me. There, that got a little movement between your legs. I laughed again at how pathetic you are.

And here is where the ageplay accomplice story gets very hot and very interesting. 

I yelled for the sweet brats to come to join me and like obedient little shits, they didn’t even hesitate. They took their clothes off and jumped in. As the water ran down their little bodies your cock came to life. You had no shame. Pulling your pants down and grabbing your cock. Stroking as you watched those little naked bodies jump up and down in the shower. Drops of water running down their flat chests and their little slits and perfectly round asses. I pushed the showerhead closer as your cock glistened with pre-cum. Then I bent down and whispered into the angel baby’s ear.

And with that, your age play accomplice once again came through for you, or at least for your cock.

She looked up and smiled and then got out of the shower. Stood in front of you and put your cock into her soft warm mouth and sucked you off. So hot I orgasmed as I told you what a fucking pervert you are.