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ageplay accomplice

I am a bad girl. You know what I think is a wonderful idea, I think we should go to the park daddy. I want you to follow my league, don’t be scared! I want you to fucking take my word on this. Ageplay accomplice is my favorite to do with daddy. Young tight pussy is the best thing, I mean you taught me that daddy. 

When I get home from school, be ready to go to the neighborhood park for some fun. You sit over there on the bench and you can see a set of twin little sluts swinging, they look fun don’t they?  

They’re so petite and young, does that make your dick hard daddy?  I go over and invite them to a playdate at our house, and they of course say yes. So fast forward to our living room, where I may have put some sedatives in their drinks so they passed out in the living room.  I am going to undress them now in my ageplay accomplice fantasy daddy. 

Ageplay accomplice is my favorite thing to do with daddy! 

I will pull their panties down so you can see their little butts sticking up in the air and you can see their bald pussies ready to be plowed. I make daddies cock nice and wet and sit behind them and spread their ass.

 Come fuck them now daddy. Don’t be nervous, it’s all for you, these young little cunt holes. And their assholes are up for the taking too. That makes me so wet daddy!  

Are there cunts tight enough well you might need to go harder there cunts won’t fill themselves, right? I want to fulfill your darkest fantasies I know there their so lets play them out and be super fucking naughty. Now let me take your cock out and suck all the little sluts cum off, mmmm they taste so good and fresh. 

I am going to flip them over, look at their little flat chests. Put your mouth on those tiny nipples. Don’t they look yummy, cmon suck them. I am going to be underneath you sucking daddys balls.

 They’re so full of jizz for these young girls, so stand over their faces. Start stroking your cock and cum all over their faces, use their mouths if you want to.  Make them choke all over it, and I want to see them spitting slobber all over your cock and balls. I like when it’s so wet and I can hear it slapping against sluts holes. Lets play daddy, cmon I know you wanna.