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Have you ever thought about how hot it would be for you to fuck a little cunny, well I can help you out with some sexy ageplay fun? My favorite is when we mix incest with ageplay and you can be my daddy or uncle while I am your little slut.

Tonight I want uncle Kenny’s big fat cock, hehe. My parents can go out of town and you need to come over and watch me for the weekend, but I have other plans for us. Uncle Kenny could you come here I need help with something. You walk into my room and see my little nightgown slipping off my shoulders down to the floor. You ask what I need, and turn around with my pigtails swinging. Uncle Kenny, ” I have always seen the way you look at me and don’t worry I like it”. Now that I am older I understand it’s because of you like me better than your old wife, right? Ageplay turns you on.

So come here my ageplay pervert and see what you have been missing.

I spread my legs and his jaw hits the floor because he sees my perfect pink lips with my little clitty sticking out. Come here uncle Kenny let me show you what you’re missing. I grab your hand and rub it between my cunt lips and you feel how wet and sticky I am for your ageplay loving cock. Oh, you want me to get on my knees and blow you, stick my tiny little lips around your mushroom head and go up and down over and over again? I bet you do, you like this tight niece slit?

Well, why don’t you let me crawl my tiny whore body on top of you and slide that meat pole deeper and deeper into my slutty hole? ” Oh my god uncle Kenny your cock feels so good going in and out, I can feel your juices spilling out of my pussy hole. Oh yes, keep fucking me until you feel those balls swell up with thick baby gravy for your little slut. I can feel your rock hard cock throbbing inside of me as you pound me, tell me I am better than Aunt Becky. I bet I am so much better that’s why you have been watching me for years wanting to feel my tight holes, and now you can fill me up with that thick cum load. C’mon Uncle give it to me. Ageplay phone sex will make you cum.