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Easter is coming up and I can’t wait to spend it with my ageplay daddy. He said he has a whole day planned for us which means all my holes are going to get wreaked. Every holiday is special for me and daddy, it is our time to go somewhere and be alone. This year is a little different though, I am bringing along one of my little slutty friends.

 Which is a surprise for daddy, and I can’t wait to see how hard we get his cock. I told her we should dress up for daddy, and be his little ageplay whores for Easter weekend.

Would you like playing with little ageplay sluts, daddy?

So the house is empty except daddy and I sneak in my friend through the back door, no pun intended “giggle”. We go into daddy’s room, and we are wearing the sluttiest little Easter outfits. We have on little pink frilly dresses, and nothing underneath except a fluffy tail butt plug.

 I go wake up daddy with having my ageplay slut friend sit right down on daddies cock. I tell her to bounce up and down all the way from his fat mushroom tip all the way to his balls.

Sitting on his face and make him eat my little pink pussy, and he notices our little bunny tails. I told him we are stretching our rosebuds just for him, and we want to be fucked in every hole tonight. You know the expression fucking like rabbits well tonight daddy is going to fuck our little holes all night in spirit of Easter. 

My whore friend is bouncing up and down on daddy’s dick, he can’t help filling her with warm thick cum in her tight teen pussy. Then I get between her legs and start eating that cum straight from her cunt. 

Hippity Hop, they Easter Bunny loves to fuck young girls.

Daddy pulls out my butt plug and slides his fat cock right into my ass. I scream and the louder I get the harder daddy fucks my rosebud. He loves watching me eat his sweet cum out of a little teen whores cunt. 

Then I have my friend bend over so I can take her bunny tail plug out so I can make her asshole nice and wet for daddy. Once he fills me with cum, he is on to the next teen whore. He wants us to be as filled as an Easter basket. What can I say, this is the best Easter I could have ever asked for.