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There is this client that has a husband she knows is having an affair. She doesn’t mind either because so is she. He is the type that looks like he walked out of GQ.

Very handsome man. One night I came in on a day off for a few hours. When everyone else left, I looked in the client book for her address. I am wearing my cute black dress with no panties on underneath. She is saying she won’t be home today she is going to her toys place.

How often do you think about having an affair on your partner?

Writing down the new place for an adventure. I arrive in my cute dress and knock on the door. My guise is going to be that I am supposed to do an in-home appointment. When he tells me that she isn’t there I am going to seduce him. Knocking on the door and he answers. I ask if Sharon is around and he nods for no. He invites me in when I tell him she booked an appointment. It is going to be fun to have an affair with this stud.

Walking in the door, he does nothing to hide the fact that he is checking me out. Getting him horny is going to be no problem. The door closes behind me. A little ass grab and act kind of offended. With a smile deep inside. I walk over to the couch and sit down. He is sitting in a chair opposite me. Opening my legs and letting him get a sneak peek that I have no panties on. You can see him get excited with some moving. He comes over to me and kisses me. Putting his hands on my dress and unzipping it.

His hands feel so good grazing over my thighs.

Kissing down my neck with his hands going higher on my thigh. Letting out a good moan and squeezing his shoulder. He pulls his cock out and pulls me on top his lap. His cock is standing up, rubbing against my pussy. Feeling my lips spread apart and the head slip in my wet cunt. Sliding down on his hard member and bouncing up. There is the sound of a lock unlocking. He doesn’t want to stop but he doesn’t want to get caught having an affair.