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Men, do you pay attention to a woman’s anal lips? How do you like them? Now that I have your attention, have you ever thought of this, or is my mind a little on the twisted side? I’ve never been a huge voyeur of porn, but why are they all perfect and pink? Not a rosy shade, but baby pink. It honestly shocked me to the depth women go through to keep the backside aesthetically pleasing.

Scrubbing: Yes, this is more than the simple soap and water that we all use daily. A soft gentle scrub around the lips 3-4 times a week helps lighten and moisturize the surface. Safe for the face and anal lips.

Anal bleaching: Bleaching the skin around the anus is usually the best way to go back to that baby skin look. Anal bleach might be a little uncomfortable, but when your asshole wants a glow-up, it really is the best way to achieve the desired results. Remember, this is for the outer lips. No getting frisky and sliding a finger in. We are going to cosmetics only. Think pink.

Why has the anal / vaginal area darkened as we age:

Hormones: This can happen during puberty, aging, or pregnancy. Estrogen can result in increased pigment in certain areas, such as the labia. It can also darken the area around the areolae or nipples.

Friction and inflammation: Sex and all that comes with it brings elevated friction to the area, leading to a color change. Both vaginal and anal sex can cause this kind of friction. Constant rubbing of the thighs can also add to the change in color in the genital area. With constant rubbing or trauma, the skin undergoes a process called keratinization, which matures the cells towards the outermost layer of skin.

Aging: Darkening of the skin can come from age with repeated trauma and hormone changes.

Why lighten the anal area: There is no physical need for this procedure. People do it for vanity reasons only. A seamless pink color is pleasing on the eyes and gives the woman or man, a increased sense of confidence.

Bleaching or not is totally up to you. Remember, the normal person doesn’t have to look like a porn star to be accepted, but they now can.