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anal sex
Anal slut sex has always been the loophole for a good little Catholic girl like me. According to our teaching, we must remain virgins, but the backdoor is the exception. I thought everybody knew that. I didn’t mean to shock the new priest into hyperventilating.

I went into confessional and started confessing all my sins as usual. I may have described them in a little more detail than usual. The new priest was so hot and none of the other girls had been able to get under his robes. I was determined to get that robe tented and end up on my knees in the confessional booth. As I started confessing my oral and anal sex sins with the altar boys, I noticed his breathing became more rapid. I knew I was turning him on. I imagined that confessional door would open with an invitation. I didn’t realize he was actually beginning to hyperventilate. I guess the other Fathers had failed to warn him about us good little school girls.

Anal sex was the only sex allowed for a sweet Catholic school girl.


When I realized he was actually hyperventilating, I rushed to get him some water. He opened the booth to allow me access. In such a confined space, I had no choice but to sit on his lap to help him drink the water. It was then that I noticed his breathing wasn’t the only thing hard. My stories of sin had excited the new Father. As I helped him drink his water, I scooted my bottom back and forth on his lap, raising his robes. Being a naughty girl, I had not worn panties into the confessional so we were soon skin to skin. The Father lifted me up and placed my bottom right on top of his huge cock. He was so much bigger than the other fathers. I could feel my tight ass stretching over his big head. He kept pumping until his whole holy cock was inside my tiny little hole. I had never been so full. Anal sex with this Father had me shouting all kinds of Hail Mary’s.
I know all the other girls will be happy I broke this Father in. He was like riding a bucking bronco. Anal sex had never made me squirt until I got a piece of this holy cock!