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anal sex

This year for Valentine’s Day. I am going to surprise my married friend with anal sex. We are going to meet in the afternoon when no one else is around. He has been expressing how he wants to explore with that. Sometimes I can be a little apprehensive about it. I will be wearing a red tank and my cute red and white striped toe socks. They come up to my mid-thigh. Of course, You can’t forget lots of candy. My favorite lollipops and chocolates. It is going to be difficult to sleep tonight.

Valentine’s Day is a sexy day.

Lucky that I get to spend the time with him instead of his wife. He is quite a bit older than me. I like older men they seem to have their shit together more. He has been blowing up my phone up. It seems he is beyond excited as well. He has no idea that he is going to get some anal sex. I figure what better way to let him have anal sex. My asshole is nice and clean. It puckers when there is anticipation.

I find myself gazing at my reflection and bending over. My neighbors must think I am weird. That in a way makes me giggle. I want to check to make sure I have no hair and everything is perfect. And, of course, I like glimpses of my own pink teen pussy. No condoms either, they take to much of the feeling away. I have my coconut oil, but, my saliva is going to lube mixing in with my pussy juice. He is going to love his anal sex surprise. I should start it out by sucking on my red lollipop. Looking at him with my legs spread.

Wouldn’t you enjoy your fuck buddy giving you an anal sex surprise?

I want him to pound me from behind so I can look back at his cock going in and out. Another thing I enjoy is an ass to mouth. I want him to cream inside my ass bad though. Should I update on how my afternoon delight with anal sex went? I want to hear from you on how your special Valentine’s Day went. Remember don’t show your love appreciation this day but every day. I hope all you kinky fucks unite with me tonight.