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anything goes

Anything goes doesn’t just mean I am a naughty girl, it means that you literally can treat me like a fucking whore. I want you to slut me out in any possible way you can think of. First, how about we get high. Do you even have party favors? Because I want to get high as a fucking kite.

 I have a good idea let me bend over and spread my fucking ass and pour a line right down my ass crack. Come on snort that fucking shit up, I want you to fucking get so high I can just take advantage. I wanna know about your dirty fantasies, and I would be that for you. C’mon another line, I am going to put a line across my boobs and watch you fucking snort that line.

Anything goes is the type  of fucking I like.

I am going to get on my knees and start by taking your balls in my mouth, swirling my tongue around and around. I’m going to reach up and start stroking you as I am spitting all over your balls. I know you love to drool and spit dripping out of my mouth down my tits. As I reach down and rub the spit on my sweet perky little nipples. I am going to put a line on your cock and snort it off, as I was doing I felt your cock throbbing.

 I know how much you love having everything with a drug whore at your disposal. Bend me over and drill this fucking pussy, and I want to feel you in my tummy. I want you to fucking fuck my pussy so hard, and you can have my asshole. Literally every hole is yours, and you can do with it as you please.

Hot whore ready to fuck!

Does my fucking pussy feel good on the shaft of your fucking cock. I want you to go balls deep, and I wanna feel those balls slapping against my clit. I’m throbbing daddy. I want you to slut me out. Let me get on top and ride that cock and I want you to grab my hips and thrust up and down. 

I want you to fuck me harder then you ever fucked anyone before. God, I feeling the sweat from our druggie bodies fucking so hard. I want your hot fucking loads shooting all over my body, and I want you to drain those balls daddy.