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anything goes

Anything goes in my little twisted corner of the internet. I love to push you to the limit, and take you on an adventure that even the twisted would flee. Ready to play with me?

Ready to hear a dirty little secret? This last weekend, I spent the night with my best friends Father. I knew he wanted me, and she was away visiting a college with her mother. This would get me the perfect opportunity to show him why fucking his daughters best friend is so dirty. I’ve known the family since I was born, so showing up unannounced was nothing new for me.

Anything goes when you play with this naughty teen.

I arrived with my bag packed and a mouth full of lies. I told him my parents went away for the weekend and I needed to stay at his house. You could tell the moment I arrived, I spoiled his plans. I knew he was a jack-off addict and spent the majority of his time alone masturbating. We caught him on more than one occasion. For the most part, he never knew that we saw him stroking his dick to Lolita porn. Remember, anything goes.

Did I interrupt him this time? Of course, I did. I knew when I walked in and he shut down the computer screen he was visiting online porn sites. More than likely the same ones that I and his daughter had used in the past. I’m not a lesbian, but I do like when she eats my pussy. She has been doing her mother for years and knows how to make me cum with her tongue. Anything goes when we have sleepovers.

Daddy always get’s caught watching XXX rated porn

How could he say no to a girl like me? Before he could I had taken all my clothes off and threatened to tell on him if he said no. Being a good Christian, or so he tells everyone, he let me stay on one condition. I had to suck his cock to show him that I could take dick. I’ve been giving blow jobs for years, so sucking his dick was a treat for me. I love the taste of cum, so when he blew all over my face, I came too.

Anything goes with this tempting little girl. If you ever wanted to fuck your daughter’s friends, call me. I will make sure to make you cum.