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ass eating
Anal sex is not for everyone, but I confess to being a total anal whore. Give me a good ol’ fashioned rim job and I will be putty in your hands. Show me a man who will go all out on ass eating and I will show you a happy whore!

I discovered my love for anal fucking by accident. Okay, so it wasn’t an accident. I was out of candy and ya’ll know Mama Mona will do anything to get her fix. So anyhow, this one dude had a fat 8 ball he was willing to split with me if I split my cheeks for him. I had always thought of the old poop chute as an exit only kind of thing, but that bag was so damn pretty. Those crystals sparkled prettier than diamonds. After a little contemplation, I figured my anal virginity was a small price to pay. So, I bent right on over and spread them wide!

I was gonna give up my anal cherry for 1/2 of an 8 ball!

I figured he would go straight to fucking and I was pretty sure it was gonna hurt, but I was in for a surprise. The first thing he did was give me one hell of a rim job. His talented tongue had my ass quivering. I begged for more and he delivered. He went all out on his butt munching. You could tell he loved ass eating because he was moaning as loud as I was. Soon I was begging him to fuck me. I was so ready for it, I was soon slamming back on his cock as hard as he was slamming forward. I came so hard from his anal fuck, I squirted.

Ass eating is a decedent desire.

He wasn’t finished, though. When he said I was gonna pay with my ass, he meant it. When he slipped his cock out, he slipped his fingers in. First three, then four. Before I knew it, he had his entire fist inside my asshole. He stretched my ass like there was no tomorrow and gave me an anal fisting I will never forget.
Since that night, I have been a complete and total anal whore. I can’t seem to get enough. If you want a bitch that’s gonna squeal on your cock baby, you found the right one. Ass eating is on tonight’s menu.