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A huge cock can some intense ass stretching with a lot of lube, and patience. The first time I had anal, I thought I was going to pass out from the pain, but when I came, OH MY GOD!

“Let me stick the head in. I promise that’s all.”
We were out of condoms and my boyfriend at that time. We had sex a few times, but nothing hardcore. I have to admit that I felt some sort of fear when it came to sticking anything in the butt. I told him if he started with his tongue, we could work up a finger or even his cock, but only the head.
Bent over the bed, vulnerable, my tiny asshole was ready to get eaten. I squealed out when his fingers pulled my ass cheeks apart, and his warm breath was heaven. To be honest, I got wet the moment I knew he would be washing my pooter with his tongue. It’s such an intimate act.

Ever had ass stretching with a tongue? You should.

A lick, nibble, and suck on my back door, he got me wet enough for his finger. Though he had large hands, those slender piano fingers didn’t hurt. Well, the first one didn’t. Able to get the full length of one digit inside of me, I rested my head on the pillow. I was in some sort of pre-orgasmic bliss. Juices were actually running down my inner thighs when I begged him to fuck my pussy.
No condoms meant no sex, well till he suggested we take the loop hole and fuck the poop hole. I didn’t want to at first, but he is very convincing.
“Come on. Don’t worry about ass stretching. I will only stick the head in. I promise I’ll stop if it hurts.”