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ass stretching

Oh baby how I love to have painful ass stretching sex! I’m always working out. Lunges, squats and anything else that will make my ass tight. That’s pretty much what I live for. Guys love my tight juicy ass and I love when they

stretch me out! I’ve used all kinds of things to fuck my ass. Some of my favorites are cucumbers, dildo, butt plug and a stretching ring. There’s nothing better than fucking my ass and feeling the pain! Of course I guess you could say someone else doing it would make me scream louder! I love Ass Stretching.

The more Ass Stretching sex I get, the more it makes me cum!

You know the saying what happens here stays here? Well, that’s exactly what happened to me! My friend has a place in Vegas and he needed a house sitter. He told me his friends would be coming over to shoot a video and to assist them. About seven guys came in and set up. I helped them as much as I could.

We had a few drinks together and then they all got naked. Those cocks were HUGE! I’ve never seen cocks so big and thick. They asked me to be in there Ass Stretching video. Before I could answer, one of the guys started taking my clothes off. The guys gathered around me and started kissing my body. For some reason I couldn’t resist those massive dicks. I found myself on my knees begging for Ass Stretching sex! Something about those big juicy dicks that I want deep inside my ass. I told them to turn on the video and let the games begin!

These guys wasted no time and put me on all fours. One of the guys stretched out my legs and started licking my ass. Another guy put his huge cock in my face and I could feel my mouth stretching. I could only fit eight inches of that thick dick down my throat. He took it out and teased my ass with his massive cock! Oh baby! This is gonna be a crazy night of Ass Stretching!