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Cocktease won’t fly with daddy anymore

I want to apologize to you, my sweet pervert daddy. I have been such a fucking cocktease and you can barely take it. You showed up at my school and told me that I was coming home early because I’m in trouble. I couldn’t think of what I did, and as soon as I got in the car he told me to pull up my skirt. Of course, I wasn’t wearing panties. And daddy started playing with my clit. I looked at you and told you to stop we are in the car daddy.


Big cocks for small holes

 big cocks
There’s nothing better than a big cock! My mouth just starts to water when I think about the big cocks I’m going to get today. Every day is a fuck fest for me and it always has been. I would go to school in the sluttiest outfits to get the male staff’s attention. They would always look at me and stare, so why not give them a show. Hehe. I would give them my tight little pussy and exchange I get big cocks.


Ageplay accomplice for daddies cock

ageplay accomplice
Daddy, you have been very stressed out lately, and I want to help you relax and settle down. So I have a crazy naughty idea for us, are you ready? I want to be your slutty ageplay accomplice! Do you even know what that means for you daddy? Having two little whores to play with, and of course, I will have to show her how to be a good whore for daddies big fat cock. First, daddy needs to tell me what kind of girl do you want, do you want a little bald pussy whore with a flat little chest? Or do you want a teen skank who already has been a whore? I can get you whatever you want!


Jail bait sluts make you go mad

jail bait

If I had a dollar for every time I heard oh, your jail bait has to leave you alone. I would be the richest person in the world. I fucking love older men and some of them are too scared to go after my jailbait pussy. So I just have to show them what they’re missing. I am going to wear the shortest tightest dress I have today. I’m going to make their old man cocks hard just from one glance at my slutty little body.


Confessions of a teenage whore


I have many confessions, but I think my kinkiest one is when I played with my little sister and daddy. That was very hot and I haven’t really told anyone else before. But I thought maybe you could appreciate that hot nasty story. It started when my little sister started dressing like a little whore. Short skirts, and tiny little crop tops. It showed her belly button ring and the bottom of her ass-cheeks would hang out. I think that is so sexy.