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Cock Addict Hairdresser Gets A Release

cock addict

I didn’t realize how much of a cock addict I am. Now that some restrictions are lifting. I have a small place in the back of my house to cut hair. My client’s husband that I miss very much. He has the best dick. Part of me gets surprised he came by a couple of days ago to come to get his hair done by me. I am wearing my cute dress and some sick high heels. Feeling myself and believe me it has been a while since I dressed up.


Confessions For Your Sexual Soul

Confessions make my pussy moist. I like it when someone can be open about the things they have done. I have some of my own that I want to share with the right person. Not being a teeny bopper I have some experience with things. We all have things that are weighing on our minds. Getting dressed in some cute panties with no bra. Preparing myself with some sexy scents. It’s like a moth to a flame. Right now I am touching my pretty pussy thinking about what someone is going to divulge to me.


Mutual Masturbation Is Sex On Fire

mutual masturbation
Mutual masturbation is a titillating experience for both parties. I like to dress in my sexy panties. Draw the blinds and get candles lit. The smell of vanilla with coconut is sensual. The drapes on the lamps make a beautiful array of colors in the shade. The way my body looks with the shade on it when I enter the room. My partner is on the bed smiling. He gets naked and it’s my turn to disrobe. Walking towards him I tease pulling my bra strap down slow. I see him adjust himself with a rosy color appearing on his cheeks.


Craving Giving A Blow Job In Lockdown

Blow jobs
This lockdown has me craving to give a blow job beyond measure. I know my boy toy missing my mouth as much. This isolation shouldn’t be getting to me like it is. When you are a social butterfly and a nympho it makes life so hard. Porn only gets you so far before that tires out. My fuck buddy is a husband to one of my clients. I still remember the first time our eyes locked. A tingling sensation went through me. It is one of those things where you are half hearing the person.