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Black cock lover needs XL dicks

I love taking my white male friends to a local black cock lover’s bar! It is indeed one of the best bars in my area and all about Rough Sex. I recently took one to my besties to my local bar. I don’t think he prepared for what he was about to witness once we entered. He was undoubtedly stunned by the encounter.


Blackmail and the traffic accident


Never in my wildest of dreams did I think I would have anyone blackmail me. I had a terrible encounter the other day, and I was scared for my life that I might end up in prison! You see, I was driving home from work when my boyfriend called to tell me he was breaking up with me! I was infuriated! I wasn’t paying attention and went through the red light, causing a terrible accident. Yesterday my lawyer called me and stated that I was due in count on Monday. He also said that there was only one witness who was somewhat good news. Lucky for me, he stated the man’s name before hanging up.