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Deviant Babysitter And Wicked Daddy


I am a bad babysitter who loves to make perverted fantasies come alive. I am a dirty accomplice with a passion for filth. One single dad that I watch for. He showed me something the other day that put an odd smile on my face. He told me not to tell a soul. We walk through a hall to a room he says is soundproof. He has a homemade dungeon. It has a table with stirrups and straps to tie down. All kinds of tools and a camera for streaming.


Escort Fantasy Only Elite Clientel

escort fantasy

I wish I had the gall that these girls I see in brothels and working for themself. My escort fantasy wouldn’t have to be that. Money makes me wet. I love the luxurious lifestyle. None of these sugar daddy sites are working for me. I want to make more than enough money to be able to live with a big pool. I want to be the kind of gal that works for myself and only fucks with the elite clientele.


Bubble Bath Is A Favorite Past Time

bubble bath

A hot bubble bath is a favorite pastime of mine with my daddy. I want to recreate this special time with him. He has been so very busy lately. I make my way over to his house. I already let the housekeeper beware that I am coming over to surprise him. I’m dressed in my overalls dress with a cropped t-shirt underneath. On my feet are my slides and my pedicure. I have my little backpack that has all the goodies inside of it. I let myself into his house and start calling his name.


Babysitter’s club with my hot friends.

baby sitters club

A fantasy or role play I want to do is my infamous babysitter’s club. Since times are rough but getting better. Some of me and my hot friends get together and make a club. It isn’t exactly what you think at first there is a morbid undertone to it. I know my fellow perverts will love this. They will want to entertain this idea with me. We have these code words that let you know what special you are getting off this menu. Hard candy is for the most extreme and so on. You get the point I am coming across with.


SPH Phone Sex A Swirl Of Ignore Line


SPH phone sex with some ignore line mixed in. this is some of my favorite types of losers to cater to. Who wouldn’t want to get paid to make fun of a small dick? And also sit there and not say a fucking thing to this idiot? Men, well I don’t think you can get called that. Subservient pigs like you make my phone sex world go round. I love laughing at you and letting you know how you can’t ever even try to compare yourself.