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SPH Phone Sex A Swirl Of Ignore Line


SPH phone sex with some ignore line mixed in. this is some of my favorite types of losers to cater to. Who wouldn’t want to get paid to make fun of a small dick? And also sit there and not say a fucking thing to this idiot? Men, well I don’t think you can get called that. Subservient pigs like you make my phone sex world go round. I love laughing at you and letting you know how you can’t ever even try to compare yourself.


Ageplay Accomplice And The Taboo Club

ageplay accomplice

I am born to be your ageplay accomplice. With my deviant nature and excitable wit. You and I can come up with the perfect fantasy. I have the goods, the very thing you desire. I can take you to an underground taboo club. Maybe, perhaps we stumble on a mom who needs a little help. We all know nothing in this life is free. Every action has a reaction no matter if it’s good or bad. I won’t judge you and I am the perfect partner in our perverted twister. I can promise you I am more perverted than you.


Affair Fantasy Gets Me Off

Summer is here and that means all the married men are wanting a steamy affair. I like dressing up cute and teasing these guys from my window. Sitting there, painting my nails blood red. When you blow to dry the polish, the way my lips form. I know they are thinking and wishing my mouth getting wrapped around their cock. One of my favorite outfits to wear is my tank with some cute panties. I am glad that daddy doesn’t live too far from me. He has this big awesome pool. A great way to let some steam off.


Down The Rabitt Hole Of My Castration Fetish

castration fetish
I find myself dabbling in a castration fantasy. This is a little morbid but turns me on. I want to find someone unsuspecting. Lull him into a false sense of security. Most men like to think of me as naive and I play into that for them. I stumbled across this watching a movie the other night. I have also heard about it from the leather community. Dressing in a cute outfit and letting them think they are safe. I want to take it a step further and also torture the cock.


Ageplay Chatroom ~The Delectable Sinner

ageplay chatroom
Our ageplay chatroom is for the delectable sinner. When you enter leave any hesitation behind. Get ready for sexy sluts with an open mind more perverse than yours. I love fulfilling your wicked desires. Being an accomplice is something I also enjoy. The dirtier someone is the better it gets. Rubbing on my little cunny gets me so hot for you. Watching what you type with anticipation of what is coming next. Describing things to you in ways you didn’t know your mind could go. Something you will enjoy is you can be more open with me than you can your wife.