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BBC for a night of pussy stretching fun


You know what I have not had in a long time, some BBC. At my daddy’s work, there is a big black cock that works in his office and I sneak a peek every time I go visit daddy. Thinking this time I am going to surprise him with some young bald pussy. I go into my closet and start looking around for something sexy to wear. I find this black tight dress, and I pair it with some heels and of course no panties underneath. Wanting him to have easy access to destroy my little cunt. I get dressed and head to my daddies work. I don’t think my dad is there today so it can just be me and that black cock.


Daddy loves to fuck his teenage whore


Oh daddy, I need you to come here. I need help. I call you into the bathroom and you see me just laying in the bathtub. It is filled with bubbles and You can see my perfect teen perky tits sticking up above the water, don’t worry you can stare. You ask me what I need help with and I tell you the drain is clogged and I point between my legs. You’re going to have to reach down there and unclog it. I giggle as I watch you take your shirt off. Mmm, my daddy is so sexy and makes my little no no part tingle.