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Double Penetration Fun with Two Big Black Cocks

double penetration
There are two big black cocks right in front of me ready to give me the double penetration I have been craving all week. Nothing makes me orgasm harder than having two throbbing dicks in me at the exact same time. I spit on my hands before reaching out and grabbing each shaft, sliding my wet fingers down them. I lube them each up, making sure they are nice and hard before we start our fuck session!


Cum Eating Keeps My Little Tummy Full


I started to learn all about how wonderful cum eating is at a very young age. Most of my friends would take vitamins before school, but I got something extra special! Each morning, while mommy was making my breakfast, daddy would jerk off at the kitchen table. He would stroke his cock while looking at me in my little school uniform, stockings, and pigtails. Holding a small bowl, he would jerk off until he shot a warm load meant for his special little princess! (more…)

Stepfather Punishes Naughty New Stepdaughter


When my mom first married my stepfather, my moody teen self already was not a very big fan of his. He was bossy and rude, always on the phone making business calls when we were all together. I hated that he tried to make new rules for me to follow like he was trying to be my dad or something! My mom did not seem to notice or care that he was completely changing everything! It was so unfair. (more…)