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XXX Phone Sex Is The Safest Sex

xxx phone sex
XXX Phone sex is the safest sex you will have. Right now at this time when we need to stay isolated and worry. For even a moment some hot phone bone action will erase that for you. I love to have fun with all kinds of people. No matter the fantasy. One thing I want to do is watch porn with someone. Are you up for that? Lately staying locked in I have been indulging in porn. One of my fetishes is a deepthroat cock fuck. The girl wearing pigtails and you grabbing them like handlebars.


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I always knew that I wanted to save myself for marriage, but fate took the lead when it came to my virginity. My parents were very active members of the social circuit in our town. What most didn’t know was that they were very deep into the fetish community. Late parties at my home were something I grew up with but was never allowed to view. At 9pm on Friday nights, I needed to disappear. Whether staying with a friend, or in my room, I was not allowed to come into the family room. If I am being honest, I was curious, but too scared to find out. For a while I assumed they were witches and sacrificing souls in the backyard. Yes, a childish thought, but it was better than what the truth.