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I got hired as a babysitter as a last minute gig. This couple is in dire need of some alone time, on a much-needed date.
I show up with my cute white socks that go right above my knee and a short skirt. The dad couldn’t keep his eyes off of me and I kept noticing how he was checking out my ass. He left their numbers in case something happened while they were out. I was walking around the house and grabbed something to drink.

I’m a very naughty babysitter, who is about to turn this dads world upside down!

I took a few snapshots of myself being provocative and send them to the number he wrote down. Getting a nervous smiley back and because I am the best slut ever, I took another this time with my legs spread. I went into his daughter’s room and laid next to her and took one with her. He didn’t respond so I woke her and sent one of us together with our nipples exposed. Let her go back to bed and am shocked I didn’t hear anything out of him.

I hear the door and rush out there, he asks me to help him get his wife to the couch she is out drunk. He then grabbed me by my wrist and walked me into their room. Kissing me and said, “naughty little bitch teasing me”. He picked me up and put me on the bed getting on top of me. While looking at the picture with his daughter he started pounding me hard wishing it was her. I told him it can be. That got him so excited he came within five pumps. I love being that babysitter people call for their sick and twisted fantasies.

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