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baby sitters club

A fantasy or role play I want to do is my infamous babysitter’s club. Since times are rough but getting better. Some of me and my hot friends get together and make a club. It isn’t exactly what you think at first there is a morbid undertone to it. I know my fellow perverts will love this. They will want to entertain this idea with me. We have these code words that let you know what special you are getting off this menu. Hard candy is for the most extreme and so on. You get the point I am coming across with.

This party has some hard-on-inducing activities.

There is a number you call and get connected with the dispatcher of my babysitter’s club. You pay the extra fee for what we are missing out on with the parents. My daddy has an extra house that no one, not even the housemaid goes to anymore. I have the key and the throwaway phone. When you pick the babysitter and treat you want we will send you a couple of cute innocent selfies. These still will get your dick rising. You have the option of what outfit, hairstyle, and any makeup you want your kitten to wear.

Welcome to the babysitter’s club!

Let’s say you pick the pigtail bundle. You start to get some more risque pictures of her dressed up. Me and her getting close enough where it looks like a kiss. This is why I want the babysitters club roleplay for you to live out your wicked perverted side. The selfies will start coming in at a faster rate where there will be ones from behind. Oh my, is she chewing that bubble gum? You get to come to meet your babysitter and treat. How youthful she makes both of us feel.

Chipped nail polish always looks good with those cherry red lips.

When we tell you the location we have all our bases covered. Come in and take a seat. You walk up before and grab my ass as a thank you. I like being that slutty princess for you. Her glossed over red lips where you can see your reflection looks very tasty. Go relax I send her your way. Standing before you with that milky soft skin and silky skirt. Are you ready to join the babysitter’s club? Call and have your cock ready.