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Balloons, balloon, everywhere the smell of latex and the sounds of popping. This was a balloon fetish fantasy party. What looked like the beginnings of a little ones birthday party was for adults only.

I had started a job as a party planner recently, and this would be my first major job. The only thing I knew was to make sure there would be at least 10 balloons per person. Sure, I did find this weird, but everything in life is weird from one time to another. I am not one to judge, so I rented the tanks and began to fill the place with hundreds of bright colored balloons. The scent of latex is intoxicating if you stay too long in the room. Most hate it, but not these people, They love it.

Red, yellow, pink, and purple. There were balloons everywhere.

When the first group came in, my jaw dropped. I understand this is a private party, but these people forgot their clothing at the door. Dicks hard, they rubbed not on each other, but on the inflate round objects that filled the room. Smacking the helium filled globes around with tits and cocks, I stood in the back as a voyeur to it all. Did I need to worry about food, or drinks? No! All they wanted was to masturbate their bodies on the latex.

Was this looner binge a balloon fantasy party, or a freak show?

Filled to capacity, the 60 guests grabbed balloons and simulated sexual acts. Each time one would pop the room would scream in orgasmic release. Never have I seen something like this. All these naked people, even females putting them between their legs and humping them. I would say dry humping, but there was nothing dry about all this. Cum was being splattered all over the place.

At the end of the night this balloon fantasy left the place splashed with jizz. Since I was responsible for the party, guess who got to clean the cum stains from the furnishings and the walls? Me. I had the creamy white nectar all over me, but the place was spotless. I will never react the same when I hear a balloon pop. Took one home that night and had my own little looner lust.