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balloon fantasy

Balloon fantasy, popping after party for me and my son this morning. My little boy always asks what I am going to do with the balloons after his party. That is easy I use my heels and nails and pop them quick.

Now when you are a loon lover, we are kindred spirits because I so enjoy Popping!! Popping!!! All the balloons around me. When I am alone I will blow them up to pick at them with my nail and make them explode.

Not only did my son have a great party, he also volunteered to help clean up afterwards. Cleaning all the cups and plates up I seen him watching the balloons and looking at my heels. My little boy for years now has enjoyed watching me bust the balloons. So today since he is another year older, I lifted my dress to show my pantyhose.

Balloon fantasy today I had a buddy who enjoyed my pantyhose and heels.

Then I took that loon in my hands and began picking at the stem. Seeing the excitement in his face makes it all worth it, and the the POP!! The explosion of latex scattering as I laugh and he shudders is so cute. That is when he reaches over and hands me another balloon. “Here pop this one for me mom, will you use your heel please?”. He asked so sweetly I let the balloon flutter down and I used my heel to pull and tug it until it exploded.

“Mom can I please rub my cock on your stockings?”, he says looking at me so sweet. When he gets an erection for me as his fantasy mother I am never going to say no. So I reached over and grabbed the green balloon and began sticking my nails into the sides. Feeling his penis rub against my control tops I twisted my nails and Pop!! My boys eyes were huge and I could feel his cream seeping through the silk on my pantyhose. “Mom can you pop another one please so I can cum on your pantyhose?” Little one I have this red one to pop while you pop to our  Balloon fantasy, popping after party roleplay! Pop!! Pop!!