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bare bottom spankings

You have been such a naughty boy, mommy needs to give you another one of her special Bare Bottom Spankings. Come here, stand in front of me like a good boy. That’s it, pull your pants down, and let me see that sexy dick of yours. Look at it, all hairless and poking straight up at your little belly button. Touch it for mama, just like I taught you, baby. Pinch it between your fingers and tug on it for me.

I am going to undress, too, is that alright? Mommy loves to be bare and naked with you. Do you like my big tits? Do you remember when you would drink from them? I loved that so much. Now my pink panties. Come here, sniff my hairy pussy. Such a sweet boy. What did I do to deserve such a handsome son?

Now lay over my lap, Right over my naked thighs. It feels so nice to feel your naked body against mine. But you have been naughty, and I must punish you. Feel my hand come down right across your barely legal bottom. Such a big hand print! Awe, don’t cry, Now I will massage it, make it feel all better. Kneading your soft skin with my long fingers, my wet cunt soaking the seat beneath me.

The sexy Bare Bottom Spanking is driving mommy insane.

Three more slaps, right across your pink buns. I can feel you squirm against my leg, your penis poking into my thigh. With my final deliverance of your Bare Bottom Spankings, your dick explodes. Hot cream runs down the inside of my thigh and I smile, satisfied. “Go on and play now, my sweet!” I say as you giggle and run off to your toys.

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