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bare bottom spankings
Bare bottom spankings are for pleasure or punishment. Having a juicy behind. The guy I play with sometimes he enjoys my bubble butt. I am at his house dressed in my jeans, tank and with a back bun. I can see his cock is getting hard already. This teen slut is ready for my punishment that is pleasurable. I like when he thinks it hurts that makes him do it more. My daddy sits on the bed and makes a come here motion. Getting on my tummy and lying over his lap.

He watches me giggle as he raises his hand.

Daddy, please give me some bare bottom spankings. I beg like a brat. The reason I am going to be getting these lashings. He thinks I disobeyed him. I didn’t come over one day when I am supposed to. He teases me with that big hand. I in his lap start to wiggle around. That makes daddy put his hand on my back and stop me. Thinking about when we pull my jeans down how it is going to feel. The orgasms I am going to have and trick him into fucking me.

I love bare bottom spankings time.

He has me pull my jeans down to my ankles. The wind of the air on my bare butt excites me. His hand raises and comes down. There are his fingers digging into my ass. Up again, a part of me is squirming, he is being harsh. He lashes me again, these bare bottom spankings. They aren’t what they should be. I can feel him getting hard. When he goes for the next one. I look back and look at him with my eyes begging him to stop. Lying here with a red ass.

He wants to spank my pussy, that will hurt.

He does a couple more hard, deep lashings. My ass red and I go to get up. Does he say what do you think you are doing? Get over here and take care of your daddy cock. Crawling on my knees and getting his cock in mouth while looking up at him. He wants me to ride him while he gives more bare bottom spankings. His cock slides right in. As I come down he spanks and it starts to feel good. He holds my hips and shoots his load in my belly with my cunt all cream filled. So, daddy you ready for round two?