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daddy's girl

I’m a daddy’s girl and my Daddy buys me whatever I want. We have an understanding, I make his sexual fantasies come true and he spoils me rotten.

We play all sorts of sex games. He loves cuckolding. Watching me fuck big dick black guys turns Daddy’s cock into stone. There are so many hot black guys at my school. I’m fucking my way through the basketball roster and I’m having so much fun. I choose two lucky boys to bring home to Daddy. Because one boy is too vanilla to be any fun. My pussy gets wet when I’m outnumbered.
Today I chose Tyrone Jackson and DeSean Jones. Captain and co-captain of our school’s basketball team. They’re tall and black as night. The contrast of my skin color against theirs is beautiful. Plus, their cocks look like third legs. I couldn’t wait to take them home. All day my cunt twitched from the anticipation. I had a hard time sitting still during the teacher’s lecture.

This daddy’s girl was going to make her Daddy happy.

I took them home and brought them upstairs to my pretty pink bedroom. They had no idea that Daddy was hiding in my closet. My bed angled to give Daddy a perfect view of the action.
I started on my knees with a cock in each hand. Daddy taught me how to give blowjobs a long time ago. I alternated between cocks like a professional. I knew I was making Daddy proud. He was drooling in the closet with his cock in his hand. Sucking those huge dicks made my pussy a sloppy mess. It was time for them to fuck my holes. I get so fucking wet that it makes double penetration super easy.
We start with me riding Tyrone’s 9-inch cock and then DeSean slips into me from behind. We go slow and it feels so amazing. He’s going crazy in the closet because his daddy’s girl is a teenage pornstar. When they filled me with warm jizz, Daddy burst from the closet and devoured my creampie.