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Even though I will fuck about anything that walks, I have always been a particular slut for BBC.

I remember the biggest piece of Dark Meat I have ever taken like it happened yesterday. When I saw him on the hook up site, I could tell by his long fingers and big feet that I was in for quite the treat! When I say his dick was the size of my forearm, I am not exaggerating! My jaw hit the floor when he pulled the beautiful beast out and swung it in my face.

BBC is the best cock ever.

He was not prepared to be patient, so he grabbed a fistful of my long pretty hair and shoved me down onto his black cock. The thing was so thick, I could not take even half of it down my throat! As my eyes began to water, he slapped me across the face with brute force. When I went to gasp, he forced more of it down my windpipe until everything went dark! His over-sized hand struck my other cheek, bringing me back to my assault. When he finally pulled his Dark Meat out from between my lips, I screamed!

BBC will make you scream.

I had less than a few seconds to catch my breath before he flipped me over onto my stomach, pulling my ass up into the air. I was hesitant that he would fit into my pussy, but when I felt the tip of his dick touch my puckered asshole, I panicked. I knew there was no way this piece of Dark Meat would fit in my bottom! I tried to relax as he rammed the head of the monstrous rod into my fragile hole. I screamed out and clawed at the covers, weary of how much I was going to be able to take! When he came inside of me, it felt like my entire body was being filled to the brim!

I will never forget that intense BBC experience. I am sure you wish you could have been there! Tell me all about it in our next Phone Sex session.