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Jamal grabs a small bottle from the table near the bed and squirts a large dollop of oil into his massive palm. My breathing quickens as I try to relax. He prepares to give me a sexy prenatal Massage.

He moves to the end of the table to my manicured pink toes. I bite my lip as his long black fingers begin to knead into the soles of my feet. My eyes roll back into my head as he slips his digits between each of my ten toes, sending shivers down my spine.

He begins to move up to my calves, squeezing the muscles as he pushes circles into the knots. He pauses to add more oil to his hands, smiling at me and asking if I am comfortable. Too nervous to speak, I nod my head and gulp. Jamal’s big hands find the inside of my quivering thighs. He squeezes them so hard, my back arches off the bed as I struggle to stifle a moan. It takes only moments for him to inch up my soft skin to the puffy cunt lips.

I am so anxious for him to touch. It is time for the next step of my Massage.

Reaching up, he pulls a pair of cloth stirrups from the ceiling so they are dangling at the correct height. Helping me lift my legs, he places each of my ankles into the holder, spreading me open for his probing. Jamal’s fingertips slide up my pussy lips, spreading the slit. He scoops up some of my cunt juice and smears it across my hungry kitty hole.

“It is time for your internal massage” he smiles as two fingertips slip into my pregnant mommy pussy.  He finds my gspot and begins to assault the sensitive spot with vigor. My body shakes as my hips thrust upwards towards his palm. His other hand reaches to my throbbing breasts and he begins to Massage the swollen tits as he finger fucks me!

That was only the beginning. His big black cock was going to Massage my insides next! Call now for some kinky phone sex to hear how much fun we had next!