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best friend's dad
When I met Ashley On the cheerleading team I had no idea my best friend’s dad was going to be so hot. My first night over at her house I could barely keep my panties dry. I didn’t think Ashley noticed how hot I thought my best friends dad was until we went up to her room to go to sleep. She said her daddy likes little teen whores like us.

I couldn’t believe it, but she told me she and her dad fuck all the time. So my best friend’s dad is an ageplay incest pervert, that’s so fucking hot.
So Ashley and I got dressed and went into the man cave. I had on a little white nightie that went down to my knees, and no bra or panties underneath. She said that’s what daddies like and what makes their bud daddies cock hard. So my best friend’s dad pulls out his cock and I just want to gobble it up but he pushes me down on my back.
He grabs my legs and spreads them as far as he can. I’m very flexible and I can tell he likes it because his cock is shooting out precum. He takes his fat squirting mushroom head and rubs it against my throbbing clit. I moan and arch my back and beg for his cock to penetrate my young teen pussy.

My best friend’s dad is a pervert and I fucking love it.

I love feeling his big cock just slide into my fucking cunt, it’s so big I can feel it in my tummy. There is nothing hotter than a perverted dad fucking my teen brains out over and over again.
Ashley comes over and starts licking my sweet asshole making it wet for her daddy. I want him to use all my holes and make sure he fills me up good. My sweet asshole is dripping wet ready for him to fill me up with his sweet big hard cock. Ever since the first time I saw him, I fantasized about feeling his hot sperm load fill me up. I am a hot teen slut and daddy cum is my favorite, especially my best friend’s dad cum.
I lay him down, and tell him if he ever had a sweet young whore ride him before. He said that Ashley doesn’t like to. I said I will ride the fuck out of your big cock and make you squirt your fat load. There is nothing like fucking your best friend’s dad!