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best friend dad

The way I look hasn’t changed much since I first met Ellie in summer camp. I could tell her dad liked me as soon as we met. My best friend’s dad loves Coed but that is our little secret.

He loves it when I dress up like a schoolgirl in my short plaid skirt and white button-down shirt. I get so excited when he puts his hand under my skirt. My pussy gets wet instantly and I coo like the jailbait slut he loves to fuck. His cock bulges in his pants as I rub my slender hand over the zipper.

My Best Friends Dad Fucks My Mouth

When I get his zipper down, his fat cock springs out like a jack-in-the-box! My best friends dad loves Coed with sound effects. He pounds his throbbing slab of dick down my throat. I gag and slurp on his prick, my eyes bulging. That cock goes down so far, I feel like I might hurl but the puking noise makes him hotter. My best friend’s dad grabs my hair telling me to whimper like a young girl. Precum drips from his cock as I slobber all over it.

My Best Friend’s Dad Stays Hard For Young Pussy

He pushes my head down on his cock. The sticky shaft slides back and forth between my lips. I taste his saltiness as I deep throat all nine inches again. His meaty hand slides into my panties, fingering my honey-coated slit. I can’t help but squirm while Eddie’s finger bangs my cunnie. He puts me on my knees, then rips my wet panties. His thick cock eases all the way into my pussy making me moan like a whore. He whispers in my ear, “You like this daddy dick?”. All I can do is beg him to fuck my little girl hole harder!

My Best Friend’s Dad Makes Me Squirt On His Cock

Eddie’s throbbing pole feels so good. He keeps sticking it to me hard and deep. His hands squeeze my nipples as he bottoms out in my hot pussy. Just when I feel like I’m close to squirting, Eddie gushes all his jizz inside me! I bounce and wiggle on his dick. My girlie goo coats his pole. I can’t get enough of my best friend’s dad and his big cock.