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bestiality fantasy

Growing up on a farm, I was always surrounded by all types and sizes of animals. I suppose that my obsession with all my pets is what lead to my very first Bestiality Fantasy.

I had come home from volleyball practice and was laying on my bedroom floor. Still sweaty and a little sticky, I was eating a snack and working on some homework when our dog, Max, strutted in. He loved to lay next to me, placing his massive head on the back of my legs while he panted. Such a good boy.

This particular time, though, I was still wearing my small, tight compression shorts. My tight ass was almost hanging out of the fitting fabric. Distracted by my math work, I jumped when Max’s long red tongue began licking the back of my sweaty thighs. At first, it tickled, and I giggled, nudging his head away, thinking he only wanted to play. But the naughty doggy ignored me, pushing his tongue further up the inside of my legs. It was as if he was playing out his very own bestiality fantasy. When the tip of his digit slid up the back of my compression shorts, right between my ass crack, I gasped!

Have you ever gave into a bestiality fantasy?

I went to stand up, not wanting to encourage him, but before I could do so, Max was on top of me! He straddled my hips, using his front paws to hold my shoulders down. Despite myself, the sudden rough play sent butterflies shooting through my tummy. Was I taking this bestiality fantasy too far? The thought was fleeting as his big dog cock was now pushing against my ass! The tip poking into my crack over and over again. What the fuck was happening? I was getting molested by my own dog!

I’m not sure what came over me next, but I reached down with both hands and struggled to yank my shorts down. I could not get them off all the way, with Max on top of me, but I was able to expose my tight virgin holes for him. His poking continued until the tip of his cock rammed inside my waiting pussy! We both yelped out in unison.

Want to hear the rest of my taboo fun with my favorite canine? Grab the peanut butter and call now for some nasty phone sex. I can’t wait for you to tell me all about your own ultimate bestiality fantasy!