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big brother

Big brother lets play! Of course, I can be the little fucking whore who eggs it on or you can come to my room in the middle night and seduce me.

But I think it would be more fun if I had to seduce you and make your cock hard. So let’s say its only us tonight and you invite some of your friends over. You guys are talking about sluts at your school and I am around the corner wearing the little sexy black nightgown that mom bought me because I am becoming a big girl. I hear you say that you have fucked so many of those whores and I start to get jealous.

So I come out and I say, big brother what are you doing?

You look at me because I am wearing hardly anything around your friends and you tell me to go put some clothes on. I shake my head and lay in the middle of you and your hot friends. They start looking at me up and down and trying to not let you notice. But you do and you scoop me up and when you do that my ass and pussy’s flashed to all your friends. You tell me I have to be a good sister and go sit in my room. I hear you go back to your friends and they all start talking about how hot I am. You as my big brother start getting a hard-on and you come upstairs.

You find me on my knees and I say that I have been waiting for this day since I became a big girl. You look around and shut the door and drop your pants. I start sucking your cock head and you say it feels way better than the sluts you have been with. So I start sucking and make you really happy, I can tell your whole body starts to shake. I say, ” big brother I won’t tell if you want”. And I bend over and let you see my cunt and you go to town. Don’t you love my sister pussy? I want you to fill me up like you would any of those other fucking whores you fuck.