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I can’t say that I was at all surprised when my daughter came out to me as bisexual. For years, I had noticed how she would check out the other girls on her soccer team. I knew she would come to me when she was ready. She was so nervous, twiddling her thumbs, cheeks blushed a bright pink as she sat with her head down. I patted her back and told her I would love her no matter what.

Little did she know, before I met her father, I played both fields myself! I told her how I was about her age when I realized that I was bisexual, too. I had always found my neighbor and best friend super pretty and my tummy fluttered when she was around. One day, while we were playing with our dolls in her room, I didn’t know about being bisexual till then. I looked up a planted a kiss right on her lips without thinking! My sudden burst of confidence paid off because she kissed me back!


Bisexual comes out.

We groped each other’s teen bodies in an awkward manner, unsure of where to put our hands. I explained to my daughter how, at this age, playing with girls is as embarrassing for both parties as it is when it’s a boy. She gave me a big hug and ran off smiling, feeling much better about her newfound self!
That was a few months ago, and she has become far more open about her being bisexual since then. Today, after school, she told me about this new girl in her science class that has piqued her interest. She said the girl’s name was Kelly and that she was coming over tomorrow night to work on a project! She hoped she was bisexual.
I had never seen my youngest child this nervous and excited before. Her bedroom door stayed cracked open as they worked on their project on her floor. Every once in a while, I would linger outside to catch glimpses of their cute and shy interaction. I hope she gets to experience her first bit of bisexual fun tonight!
Do you have a child that has been questioning their own sexuality lately? Let me help you figure out how to talk to them about it! Teach them that being bisexual means you get to have twice the fun as the boring people! Or tell me all about your own experience with guys and girls! Call now and let’s have some naughty fun, sharing more dirty secrets.