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I have an extensive clientele at the salon. I do sometimes for the lucky one’s house calls. Being bisexual this particular offer has me feeling moist.

This client is the type that has a gorgeous, voluptuous body. Long flowy thick blond hair. Her eyes are a piercing blue with beautiful dimples in her cheeks. Wanting to impress her, I dress up in my lace top with no bra and the skimpiest pinstripe skirt. Of course, I always wear heels any chance I get. Checking myself in the mirror before I head out, I get a text. Letting me know the husband is away and to let myself in.

As a professional bisexual hairdresser, I won’t let my urges get the best of me.

Rolling up to the address that entered to my GPS. My jaw almost hits the floor, this house is exquisite. Walk up to the door and open the door. She is waiting and tries to hand me a glass of wine, not wanting to be rude. I take it and sip it down. ” Lovely isn’t it? ” she chuckles as she puts her full lips on the rim of the glass. Nodding, she leads me to her area where I will be doing her hair.

Watching how beautiful she is everything inside is telling me to put my desires aside.

Trying to murmur the words from my lips. Taken aback by her beauty and those juicy breasts. Pulling me down to her, she whispers in my ear that she wants a blowout. I can feel the warmth from her breath and it almost makes my peak. I can tell she is one of those cheating housewives. Getting my blow dryer out with the comb. Feeling this light, lingering touch on my nipple. The shirt I am wearing is transparent and nothing underneath.

Not wanting to be rude, trying to push my feelings of want to the side. Continuing on with her style, she tells me to put my tools down. Grabs my hand and pulls me close. Inside my head, I am freaking out, I can’t believe this is going to happen. I come to the front, sitting on her lap. She spreads my legs and starts rubbing my thigh while kissing my lips. Grabbing my hand and putting it right on her panties. I jumped up and she pulled me back down having me straddle her.

My bisexual tendencies are taking over with her at this point.

I want to put her into the best frenzy I can. Our lips are pressing harder together, tongues massaging. Biting her lower lip and pulling it slow. I whispered, ” you look hotter than a cherry on a cigarette “. She grabbed my hair by the fistful and pull me down to kiss her thighs. I can smell the feminity coming from between her legs.

Two is always better than one. I am curious about what her husband would be thinking if he saw us.

A cheating bisexual housewife is more dangerous than a loaded gun. Insatiable appetite to have to suppress.

I want to taste her so bad, part of me is trying to resist. A piece of advice I have received a while back is don’t mix business with pleasure. The lights inside my head are flickering as I tug on my own nipple looking up at her all pathetic. She got up and came back with a small tray of ice cubes. Motioning for me to come over by the half couch. Pulling my legs up, pulling them apart. She is on her knees with her ass up, starts rubbing my thigh right above my stocking.

Moaning she grabs my hips and pulls me close. She tells me how she is of course left alone to her own vices for far too long. Tilting my head back, she rubs that ice cube from my mid thigh. The water is running down and then her warm tongue is tracing that water trail up my thigh. This makes me want to lay her down and screw her so hard.

My legs are quaking the closer she gets to my sweet spot.

I continue shaking and moaning. She looked up and said ” good girl “. She wants to rock my world. I hate being so conflicted. She is like an addiction that is hard to break. We agreed that for now to go back to her hair. I left my shirt open so she can look at my hard nipples. Her husband is so lucky and should please her any chance he gets. I told her if her husband wants since I am bisexual, I can come over for a rendezvous. Kissing my cheek she slipped a tip in my panty band and walked me to the front door.

If you want a sexy experience of your own, call and ask for delicious Devon.