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Even though I am only bisexual, I still support Gay Pride Month to the fullest. The LGBT community always has my love and support.

This past month has been wild with all the festive rainbow pride. I have attended parades, parties, fashion shows, and even charity events. We are all about love and acceptance. So with that said, I need to tell everyone about something that happened to me last weekend at a Pride Parade.

During the day they have the PG-13 events going on for families, but when the night falls, the freak flags fly. Nothing is off limits, and the wilder the better. It’s all about the sexual advancement of gay and lesbians. Bisexual people are always welcomed

I went to a rave that’s associated with the particular event. No one told me to arrive naked and get ready to cum harder than I ever have in the past. Women and Men all running around with their pussy and cocks exposed. I love both, so this is a playground for the pervert in me.

Bisexual pride gets me so wet.

Walking into a room filled with women licking and eating each other, I wanted in on the action too. Finding a beautiful girl in the corner, I never thought twice about walking over and licking her. She masturbated in the corner alone, so I helped her along. My tongue dipping in and out of her honey supply.

I begged for her to fuck my mouth with her pussy, and she didn’t disappoint me. Grabbing a fist filled with hair, she rode my tongue to an explosion. We juice squirting all over my face like a water fountain of lust and greed. I lapped it all up and even pushed my tongue up her ass for a shock. That little bisexual freak came again all over my face.