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BitchBitch to you, Queen to him, lust undoing sin in every way when I select you to play. Your every whim, before uttered, I deliver. The mystique makes you quiver and dare to linger closer.

How can a creature be so hot and cold? Oh sweety, some things in life refuses to be controlled. And because you do not see words of my kink, and the stranger named Count.. he is not replaceable. Not even when you pay for girlfriend experience. Of course your sin be done. With a platinum shine, buffered to a mirror shine.. however lover, you CAN NEVER be him. Pleasing me in ways he owns.

Bitch Mistress Lynn.

Usurping your seed because of my greed, and your accomplice dream cum true. Sensual grinding until you pop your top and I switch my gears. Tangling you in my honeysuckle, now sugar that is for the rare breed. Dripping flavor from the lips of a dime arm candy trophy? That is never for sell. Sex is cheap when currency is involved. Filthy, dirty, macabre.. cheap.. never.
Sensual, and full of passion you get a sliver of what I can deliver. Being in between my sheets, and playing with the pedals of my peach are beyond your reach. When you see a bad Lady bitch in front of you, you hit your knees. This is the jungle darling, I am a Queen.. this woman requires a Lion .. a King.
No sissy, can please me. Or selfish mama’s boys. For that matter when it comes to my pleasure, very few know my kinks. Talking about how freaky you are honey does nothing. Come show me. When you pay enough attention, then I shall know you. In my time, and honey calling you The Count, will never happen.
One of a kind. Some molds were broken, and that is one of them. The sexiest, romantic, sadistic, and twisted mind I have licked in years. A man’s man, whom is the Boss man enough to hold down a stable, while you pretty boys pretend, your remotely capable.
Touching me, never happens. However I shall touch you all over, and make you march like a soldier at my attention. Giving it to me until I get enough, and sugar I drain you dry and leave you slayed. Cum darling I would enjoy a chat, know your place and your name. No man is called another’ s, and honey no matter how grand you think you are, that is one man this Bitch Lady.. knows you can never touch.

Bitch Mistress, Romantic Gothic.

Now sugar YOU should be in my sheets. Pointing the mirrors around the room so I can watch your eyes. Keeping me on point as I roll my blunt. Dressing me for your role play, and listening to how I misbehave, because.. your the only man whom has it that way. Cum sugar.. one.. and all.. so I may know you. @}}}~~~ Lady Lynn . Sin well my friends. Have you ever danced with a Southern She Devil in the Pale Moonlight? Come and I shall show you how.