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Never in my wildest of dreams did I think I would have anyone blackmail me. I had a terrible encounter the other day, and I was scared for my life that I might end up in prison! You see, I was driving home from work when my boyfriend called to tell me he was breaking up with me! I was infuriated! I wasn’t paying attention and went through the red light, causing a terrible accident. Yesterday my lawyer called me and stated that I was due in count on Monday. He also said that there was only one witness who was somewhat good news. Lucky for me, he stated the man’s name before hanging up.

Well, talk about good luck, chuck! Chuck was his real name! Can you believe it! Well, I wasted no time setting out to find the man to Blackmail him. I was willing to do anything I could to have him not attend or, at the very least, change his belief on whom he stated he saw. Shit, and today is Saturday, and time is of the essence. I quickly looked up his info to find where he lived and see what else I could get to know about him.


On his Facebook site, he stated his love for ladies’ lip-gloss and getting kissed! He also noted the love of how ladies dressed so sexy and that his girlfriend worked on Sundays. I thought fantastic news that I can get over and seduces him into having sex with me by wearing his favorites lip-gloss and kissing him! After the seduction, I would then attempt to blackmail him if he could not accommodate my wishes in not appearing in court for his testimony.

Brilliant, I thought! What a great I idea I had come up with. If I do not let him know who I am until after our sexual encounter, I would be free of any issues! And what do you do? I should up at his home once I saw his girlfriend leave and Bingo! I took hold of him with my seduction and blackmail! He catered to me, loving my Lip-Gloss, and promising I would be free and clear by not appearing in court. I must admit he was one hotty p Scotty, and we shall meet again! Blackmail has never been so much fun.